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Here you can find places, hotels, restaurants etc in Bulgaria which are visited by our team from Agency Veda Correct and we could guarantee the quality of the services.
We think that the properties are connected with the culture and tourism in the region.

The attitude to the cultural and historical heritage is a sign for the progress of the society.
The buildings - architectural monuments are part of the history of each town. As a cultural heritage they stimulate the social - economical development straight and indirect as a long term tendency.
They are a spirituality and impulse, pride and nationality.
Retro restaurant Gambrinus in Sofia
Restaurant Chevermeto combines authentic atmosphere, dishes prepared according to old receipts and a folklore show.
The sunny beaches in this area are numerous. Little resort towns alternate with large luxury complexes, there are reserves, landmarks of natural beauty and camping sites.
The Bulgarian seaside is best known for its long sandy beaches, clear water and immense variety of resorts and vacation complexes.
Wine production has over a thousand year long tradition in Bulgaria. Nowadays Bulgaria is a proud producer of fine quality wines, some of which are made from unique sorts of vine, impressing wine connoisseurs worldwide.
Bulgaria is divided into five wine regions, each with its own specifics and peculiarities.
Not so many countries today, not only in Europe, but also worldwide, can compete with Bulgaria when it comes to abundance and diversity of thermal deposits. Their number in the country is the second biggest in Europe.
The Burgas Mineral Springs are one of the most ancient Bulgarian balneotherapy resorts, located among a well-vegetated area, vineyards and fruit gardens 15 km North-West from the second biggest city on the Black Sea, Burgas.
The numerous sanatorium and resort facilities with highly trained medical staff determine the development of Bankya as a prestigious national and international resort, and at the same time, an environmental reserve for the capital city of Sofia.
Kyustendil’s mineral springs are favorable for treatment of the air passages, and motor and gynecological conditions. Their chemical composition includes hydrocarbonate, sulphate, and sodium, with an alkaline reaction.
The resort area includes 22 springs located in a small region that have various physical and chemical characteristics and hold a temperature between 41 and 52 °С. This is unique not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world. The water is low in mineralization, containing hydrocarbonate, sulphate, and sodium.
There are 7 mineral springs in the region, giving the town popularity of balneological resort of national and international significance. The resort has been specialized in the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory orthopedic diseases of the locomotor system of the peripheral system and of the spinal cord.
The resorts and medical facilities are specialized for treatment of motor, peripheral and central nervous system and gynecological conditions, as well as acute and chronic poisoning and skin and upper air passage diseases, etc.
The mineral springs of Varshets have been used since Roman times, evidence for which are the discovered remains of Roman fortresses, Roman coins and small ceramic plates.
Here you will be offered numerous face and body therapies, conducted in a perfectly relaxing environment.
Pomorie was established in the 6th century BC as a Hellenic colony called Anhialo. The city is a seaside center of medical tourism. The sanatorium resort is based on the healing properties of the famous Pomorie mud.
The Kostenets municipality has 3 national resorts: Momin Prohod, Vili Kostenets and Pchelinski Bani. Here you will find peace and quiet, crystal clear air and healing mineral water. The beautiful nature and the enchanting murmur of the waterfalls will satisfy the need for relaxation of even the most demanding guests.
The mineral water in the resort has a temperature of 30 °C. It has a weak mineralization, it is hydrocarbonated, and it contains magnesium and calcium.