Veda Correct Real Estate Agency
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About us

We are professionalists, working in the sphere of real estates services.

Our mission:
In our real estate agency Veda Correct we approach each client gently as a friend who need help in the process of selling, buying or renting a property.

We understand that for the people who contacted us the property deal is an important event happens rare in their entire life. The decisions that the clients need to make are vital, emotional and difficult. In such a moment a person need a help and support more than ever - from a friend or a partner who will treat the situation with tact, responsibility and commitment.

We act in each case of selling, buying or renting property in a human manner - with a care to the client and with competence to each technical, legal or personal detail.

Our clients are coming back to us in case of need and recommend us because in the last 15 years in the sphere of real estates in Bulgaria we have proven that the high quality of customer support are not only pleasant words, but a credo for us.

Our mission:
We put into practice high professional standards according to the European Standard EN 15733, also Bulgarian Department Standard EN 15733:2010 for requirable professional qualification for practice as an real estate agent.

We have a positive professional reputation and ambition to build and maintain it. Our members and partners are ready to confirm it.

We are member of NREA Bulgaria, FIABCi Bulgaria, MLS Bulgaria and therefore we are with fully legitimacy to Bulgarian clients and foreigners, institutions, different organizations - branch, civilm professional organizations etc.

Our manager Mrs. Daniela Grozeva is economist with master degree - business with real estates, certified mediator, member of the Managing Board NREA Bulgaria, 2014 - 2016, member of the Managing Board MLS Bulgaria, 2014 - 2016, member of BNI Bulgaria, December 2015.